"Rockin' Bunnies" - Art for products and greeting cards.
"Rockin' Nutcrackers" - Greeting card design.
"Kitty's Last Haunt" - Character design and illustration for stationary and products.
"Snowman Rocks" - Greeting card design.
"Joy to the World" - Greeting card design.
"Dream Big"- Illustration for city utility box mural.
"I Heart You" - Greeting card design.
Illustration and infographic comparing modern medicine and alternative health care.
"Pan's Dream" - Illustration for children's Halloween story.
Alice in Wonderland - visual development for animation concept. Mad Hatter, Tweedle Dee/Dum, The Caterpillar's Garden, Inside the Rabbit's House.
Illustrations for book concept about world mythology surrounding nature. Left to right - "Odin's Ravens, "Green Man".
"Nocturnal Animals" - Geometric animal art series.
Book cover illustration, jacket design and logo for the novel "Shadow of War" by James Slocum.
"The Wirebird" - Cover design and select pages from original children's book concept.
"The Salton Sea" - Select pages from original children's book concept.
3D coloring book illustrations for TOL Products, Inc.
"Hummingbird Bloom" - Greeting card design.
"I Pink I Love You" - Greeting card design.
Gorilla robot character - for children's story and products.
"Witch's House" - Illustration for children's Halloween story.
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