"Rockin' Bunnies" - Greeting card design.
"Rockin' Nutcrackers" - Christmas card design.
"Snowman Rocks" - Christmas card design.
"Joy To The World" - Christmas card design.
"Reindeer" - Christmas card design.
"Elf Lights" - Christmas card design.
"Dream Big"- Illustration for city utility box mural.
"I Heart You" - Greeting card design.
Illustration and infographic comparing modern medicine and alternative health care options.
"Pan's Dream" - Illustration for children's Halloween story.
"The Mad Hatter" - Alice in Wonderland story.
"Green Man" - Illustration based on European mythology.
"Odin's Ravens".  Illustration based on Norse mythology.
Book cover illustration, jacket design and logo for the novel Shadow of War, by James Slocum.
"Nocturnal Animals" - Geometric animal art series.
"Hummingbird Bloom" - Greeting card design.
"I only have eyes for you" - Greeting card design.
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