Client:  ASICS America.  Japanese Kimono - constructed from various Asics shoes.  Created for interior design renovation of American corporate office.
Kimono comp from shoe patterns.
Kimono shoe pattern process.
Final shoe selection from various Asics styles.  Asics wanted to have a variety of sports represented in the final Kimono design.  
Concept Design 1 - Asics America - art for corporate office.                            Showcasing running shoes.
Concept Design 2 - Asics America - photo collage / art for corporate office.  Showcasing a variety of athletic events in America.
Final relief portrait of Asics founder - Kiharchiro Onitsuka in honor of his life.  It accompanies the shoe kimono in the entrance of Asics America corporate office.
Final portrait of Asics founder, Kihachiro Onitsuka.
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